Regulation Half Marathon city of Scandicci

Il Ponte Scandicci running team, with the sponsorship of the municipality of Scandicci, organizes for Sunday, February 18, 2018 the 15tha Edition of the Half marathon city of Scandicci, regional competitive race of Km. 21.097, male and female, regularly registrered in the calendar UISP.

Acceptance of Regulation

Registration and participation in the test shall entail the unreserved acceptance of this regulation.

Registration and conditions for participation

The registrations open from December 1, 2017 and the registration fee will be staggered over time as reported on the Internet site And the official flyers of the event. Entries will be collected until January 6, 2018 Exclusively Through the site MySDAM – Tuscany TIMING and later also at shops advertised on the site of the event or by sending by mail or fax the registration form available on the website or on the flyer and payment by bank transfer.

All competing men and women, Italians and foreigners may participate in the race, provided they are resident in Italy, who on 18 February 2018 have completed their 18th year of age and have the following requirements: Italian and foreign athletes residing in Italy with affiliated companies UISP in possession of regular renewal for 2017-2018, Italian and foreign athletes residing in Italy or with the sports promotion organizations recognized by the CONI. Athletes must present at the time of registration a copy of the medical certificate valid at the date of the event and issued for the exclusive practice of athletics. The companies must submit the registrations by specifying the surname, name, year of birth and card number of the athlete on letterhead, both with signature and stamp of the company and signature of the President certifying that the athletes enrolled are in compliance with the current Health regulations, taking charge of the responsibility for false statements. The entries for the competitive competition close to 1000 members, and in any case within 23.00 hours of Friday, February 16, 2018. A possible increase or decrease of the maximum number of participants is at the sole discretion of the organization. The breastplate must be totally visible throughout the race. The name and logo of the sponsors must not be modified or hidden penalty disqualification. The participation fees are not refundable in case of non-participation or non-withdrawal of the bib.

The registration fees will be on the flyer and on the website of the event

Electronic timing

Timing Electronic: Curated by MySDAM – Tuscany TIMING

The timing of the race is entrusted to Tuscany Timing, Official Timer MySDAM For Tuscany
With technology based on the use of “chip”.
Each participant will be given a chip that will have to return at the end of the event.
Information and conditions on the use of the chips are published on the site MySDAM To address Http://

– The chip will be delivered during the withdrawal of the pectoral
– Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the classification and
The non-attribution of the time taken. Nothing CHIP no time
– When picking up the race bib and the chip, check that both correspond as Number
– As far as the use of the chip is concerned, it is recommended to adhere carefully to
And the information included in the package.
– The chip is strictly personal and cannot be exchanged
– The chip must be returned to the boxes in the arrival area to the staff, also for the athletes
Withdrawn or not Parties ”


All claims must be made in writing, deposited at the race coordination with a security of €100.00 (Euro Cento/00), not refundable if the complaint will not be accepted, within the maximum time of one hour after the arrival of the runner concerned.


It is composed of the President of the organizing company, the director of running, all the persons chosen by competence of the President and the judges UISP. The jury is empowered to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all claims made during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal.


The route is spread over 2 laps in the town of Scandicci. Competitors have the obligation to respect the Highway Code and the indications of the law enforcement and the staff of the Organization present on the route. The organization reserves the right to change the route or location of the rescue and refreshment places at any time, without prior notice. In case of unfavourable weather conditions the departure can be postponed. In the event of cancellation of the event no refund will be guaranteed.


The organization subscribes to a liability insurance for the entire trial period. The participation takes place under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who waive any appeal against the organizers in case of damages and of further consequences that inadmissible after the race.


Those who sign up accept that running is a potentially dangerous activity, and that should not enroll or take part unless you are suitable from the medical point of view according to the rules in force as well as adequately trained. With the acceptance of this Regulation the athlete assumes full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident that may happen to him while he is traveling to go or return from the event, during the event, or while he is in the places where The event itself takes place. The athlete also assumes all risks associated with participating in this event, which include (but are not limited to) falls, contact with other participants, effects of wind, traffic and road conditions. The athlete, for If itself and For its heirs and executors, with the present renunciation, free and exonerates forever the organizers of the event of all present and future claims or responsibilities, of all kinds, known or unknown, arising from my participation to the event.

According to D. Decree. n ° 196 of 30/06/2003  informs that the personal data collected will be used only to prepare the list of participants, the ranking and the historical archives, to provide the services declared in the regulation, to be in Followed destroyed.

Rankings and awards

Only the runners who have finished the course will be classified. No prize money will be distributed.  The number of award winning athletes will be notified within one month before the race on the website.

The award-winning categories will be as follows:

Male absolutes up to the born in 1969

Female absolute until born in 1969

Female Veterans for born from 1968 and earlier

Male Veterans for births from 1968 to 1959

Female Veterans silver for born from 1958 and earlier

Men’s Silver Veterans for born from 1958 to 1949

Men’s Gold veterans for those born from 1948 and earlier

Participation Awards

The regular inscription gives the following rights:

  • Bib
  • Race pack in collaboration with Diadora
  • Insurance and medical assistance
  • Peace Maker Service
  • Timing Service
  • Refreshments on the route (in Number 3) and on arrival
  • Rooms
  • Photo shoot curated by the Onlus “Give Me a Smile”
  • Medal for all those who will finish the race regularly


Individual Sponsors

Sponsored runners can only display sponsor logos on clothing and the material used during the race. It is forbidden to expose any other advertising accessory (flags, banners, etc.) anywhere on the route, including arrival.

Image rights

Each competitor expressly renounces to use the right to the image during the test, giving up any appeal against the organizer and its partners accredited for the use made of its image in pictures or videos. Any communication on the occurrence or use of images of the event shall be made in accordance with the name of the event, the trademarks and the official agreement of the Organization.